With wonderful new concept you will no longer have to spend your precious time in shops demanding to find the correct size for you, because different companies will keep your silhouette with your individual measurements. Custom made shirts always best for you because these are best possible fit and comfort as they made them according to your measurement and personal style. Each man has a unique body type.


There is no way that an off-the-rack shirt will fit you perfectly. This is why many companies decided to start the unique technique and their goal is to create quality custom made dress shirtsthat fit you well with affordable price. They want to offer affordable and easily attainable custom made shirts.


Men who walk confidently through the world have discovered a secret. They have found a custom tailor who combines exceptional quality and service with online convenience. Their wardrobe is a perfect fit, tailored with the finest in men’s custom made dress shirts, slacks, jackets, vests and tuxedos.


Now that pleasure can be yours. Garments require expert, in person tailoring. Browse this site to find the garments that you want, and then schedule a custom fitting with one of the custom tailors from Best Dress Shirts.com. Have you tried to buy men’s suits at your local clothier or custom tailors, but had problems with sizing and selection? Here at Best Dress Shirts.com, they understand. They take the time to tailor men’s suits and custom dress shirts for every individual man, including hard-to-fit types.


Every man can benefit from expert custom tailoring: broad shoulders, narrow waist, tall and lanky, short and stocky, and necks of all kinds. You can relax and experience a custom fitting with expert tailors who create a superb bespoke tailoring fit just for you. The Hong Kong tailors’ tradition of craftsmanship and personalized service is available to you with online convenience.

They will work with every aspect of your individual body, style and personal detailing preferences to achieve a fit that is destined to please and the main quality is to get the all size of shirts for examplebig and tall dress shirts.


They are responsible to treat each client individually, taking the time and care to create a 100% custom fit in every detail. So you can relax and experience a custom fitting with expert tailors who create a superb personality.


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Every businessperson needs to convey credibility and good taste. Their business suits and business dress shirts need to fit like custom tailored business dress shirts. Best Dress Shirts provides custom tailored dress shirts for men and women of all shapes and sizes. All dress shirts from Best Dress Shirts are made-to-measure and made of 100% cotton.

Best dress shirts weather they are customized men dress shirts or they are exclusively designed as women dress shirts. There are some very strict rules to how to design best dress shirts for either of sex, in best dress shirts we take care of these fundamental rules as our motto. Because we believe that what best dress shirt is designing should be exclusively the best dress shirts available in the market either they are for business men dress shirts or for business women dress shirts.


  • The dress shirt is a button-up shirt with a collar and long sleeves.
  • It is cut differently than the sport shirt, which is made to be worn open-necked and do not look awkward with a Men’s Silk Ties.
  • The dress shirt is designed to carry a jacket and tie, but can be worn without one or the other, or with neither.
  • Various dress shirts with different sorts of collars are appropriate for different ranges of attire.


There are several types’ collars one can choose according to the occasion or as he or she is comfortable in for example there are


  • Turn Down collars.
  • Point collars.
  • Cutaway or Spread collars.
  • Button down collars.
  • Saint-Tropez.
  • Round collars etc:


At best dress shirts one can design not even from the above mentioned styles but   there are several more available for your occasion or for comfort ability.

As we have discussed the collars there are several types of cuffs to choose from depending upon your business attire as needed:


  • French cuff dress shirts.
  • Round button cuff dress shirts.
  • Cut corner cuff dress shirt.
  • Square one button or square two button cuff dress shirt.
  • French cut cuff dress shirt.
  • Round cut cuff dress shirt.


There are more factors involved when one is buying or designing his or her shirts with the help design dress shirt online features which can involve selection of:


  • Front Placket of your dress shirt weather you want to wear No Placket Shirt, Placket Shirt or Covered Placket Shirt.
  • How do like to wear your own designed dress shirt weather it would be Normal fit, slim fit or loose fit.
  • How do you want your dress shirt back looks like, it would be Plain, Drafts, Side Pleats or Box Pleated.
  • How your dress shit bottom look like weather it should be Round, Straight, Cut or Straight cut.
  • A dress shirt should fit snugly without restricting movement.


At best dress shirts we take care of all these things and many other requirements. At Best Dress Shirts help men and women design dress shirts online easily. You can choose from hundreds of shirt fabrics, numerous collar types, colorful buttons, contrast collars and contrast cuffs, Women’s French Cuff Shirts etc., to create the best dress shirt.

Before buying your Custom Men’s Dress Shirts there are a few things you should be aware of.


1. Don’t fall for custom shirt makers that don’t take at least 9 measurements.


Some custom dress shirt makers (especially on the internet) say that they have a magic formula and that all you need to give them is your height, weight, and a few other descriptions which don’t measure the size of your body parts, this generally results in a poorer fit than if at least nine measurements were taken.

That said, it can still result in a good fitting shirt, but if all other things are equal it won’t be better than taking measurements (if for example the two different methods were performed by the same tailor).


2. Watch out with tailors that have too much pride


For many, especially upscale tailors, they often consider their work to be a form of art. This can both be good and bad. However, at times customers end up blindly listening to the advice of tailors since they believe that they know best. The advice of these ‘tailors of pride’ can turn confident customers that knew what they wanted when entering the shop become uncertain and blindly follow the advice of the tailor.


3. The fabric of the custom dress shirt is not the most important element


Although fabric is one of the most important things of the dress shirt, design and fit are actually more crucial to a dress shirt you will be satisfied with. When most people buy a dress shirt their initial buying behavior is based on how the fabric looks and how he can expect it to fit. This is obviously very subjective, but one thing for sure if you are not an extremely picky clothing shopper, you will probably be satisfied with any fabric with a yarn count of 50 – 80 (for more info on this see our dress shirt fabric posting).


4. Custom Made Men’s Dress Shirts made in Asia can be better than in the West


Too many times have we heard that if it’s made in China, Thailand, Vietnam it must be of bad quality. This is far from true when it comes to Custom Men’s Dress Shirts. Just by looking at this statistically there are probably 10 times as many tailors in Asia than in the West. That being said only a handful of these are truly skillful, but there are still many to be found due to the sheer number of them, it’s just harder to find the right one. Nowadays, even high end brands get some of their dress shirts made in China.

So don’t fear Asia, just come with a recommendation in hand.


5. There are a lot more design options than you are shown. Be creative (if you want).

Design Dress Shirt makers somehow lack the ability to show the many design options there actually are for dress shirts. That means that you have to picture what the shirt will look like in your mind. Tailors rarely tell customers that they can actually get other fabrics placed on different areas of the shirt. There are millions of possibilities with this, but its unfortunately just so hard to imagine.

This article will describe the real importance of well dressing in your daily life whether you are a professional, businessman or any other fields of life, and also different types of dresses for men and women with different styles, like French cuff shirt for women and customer made shirts for men and also shirts with different sizes.

Dressing well is very important for all the people because first impression is the last impression and also you never get a second chance to make a first impression. We are a well known company to purchase dress shirts for men and women. Everyone can buy shirts of different types like women shirts, Women French Cuff Shirts, Women Custom Made Shirts, Women Business Shirts, Men’s Shirts, and Men’s Custom Made Dress Shirts etc. Every qualified and professional person should select Custom Made Dress Shirts because make sure to give service according to your own wish and quality is never compromised at any cost.

Our company also presents a chance to design Women’s custom made dress shirts, French cuff shirts, and French cuff dress shirts as per your own desire. You may select fabrics of your dress shirt, monogramming of shirt, color, size and also matching cufflinks and ties. You have the complete opportunity to design approximately each part of the French cuff shirts or any other shirt.

We also know that dress shirts, Custom made dress shirts, are very much crucial for men. Businessmen and professional people will not compromise with quality of Men’s custom made dress shirts. Keeping this thing in mind that every professional person prefers to war beast shirts, we completely focus on delivering outstanding quality to our valued customers.

The Company also has different special offers and women can choose any design of Women’s French cuff shirts. To provide more and more variety to our esteemed customers we also offer polyester/mix fabric products with best quality. Our dress shirts have a famous name in the market because we use 100% natural cotton. We also have offer to our customers who want to buy English dress shirts as per their own specifications.

If any of our purchasers is not satisfied with the shirts made by our company then he/she can also give it back within one month of receiving. We also offer Big and Tall Dress Shirts and other odd size shirts. Due to these offers we are distinguished from other companies and also famous for delivering perfect quality to all valued customers.

In conclusion, getting the best quality in a dress is not a discouraging task but the rewards being well worth it. So if you are searching for such a company that can provide you best quality with more variety then the only name in the competitive market is Bestdressshirts.

Just like any thing worth its salt, truly stylish things never go out of style. The french cuff dress shirt is one of these items that seem to have a staying power far beyond just a fashion trend.
Worn for over a hundred years, the french cuffs were a traditional way to dress up allowing males to don ornate jewelry type cuff links (Think the founding fathers and old time royalty, with the complicated woven coats and frilly shirts). As fashions trend to a simpler look french cuffs became an understated way for men to show a little flair.
It is one of those things in men’s fashion that can transcend the generation gap. Its a classic and elegant look when worn by your grandfather, but put it on with a slimmer fit and some vintage cuff links and it becomes the look of many of the younger hipsters. using a french cuff dress shirt is all about the occasion.
Always remember that is just an accessory and part of the outfit, it should not be the focus.
A french cuff dress shirt for a business meeting:
Think the classic power suit look. Gordon Gecko. Thomas Crown. The look tarts with finely cut off the rack or custom suits Trim but not slim, it should be dark in the Navy or Gray family but not black. For the shirt Stick with solid colors either french blue, or a strong crisp white, in a smooth finish. Wear a traditional square french cuff, with very understated cuff links in sterling silver or rose gold, you want the links to compliment you not speak for you. make sure that what ever metal you choose that your belt buckle and watch matches it as well.
A french cuff dress shirt for a formal affair:

For a Tux the shirt should be near flawless. Look for a fit that is trim and tucks in well, preferably with a wing collar and most importantly tie your own bow tie. Look for  a french cuff with the traditional square shape but a forward positioned link hole. This allows the link to show past the jacket sleeve when you raise your toast. The links should be an heirloom link, made out of a precious metal, elegant, vintage if you have it.
A french cuff shirt for a night out:
Many people are under the false impression that a french cuff shirt is only for dressing up. This is just so not true. A great look is the unbuttoned french cuff, made popular by Brad Pitts Rusty Ryan character in the “Oceans” series. To get this look, have your tailor shorten your sleeves by about 1.25″. This allows you to wear the cuffs unfolded with no links and still have the right amount peeking past your jacket sleeves. Wear it with a light colored suit or a light weight sport coat with no tie. The look is about letting loose, but with the right tailoring so it doesn’t look sloppy.
Chris Vance is the senior trends and fashion spotter for Requisite clothing, a custom clothing design house specializing in custom suits, custom shirts, custom tuxedos and sports wear for both men and women.
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